samedi 5 mai 2012

Thomas Jefferson and architecture

the 19th century, 
is the first great 
architect of the 
history of the United 
States, and also the 
third of the presidents.

It will develop anarchitecture 
heavily influenced by Europe,
 carried on the monumentsof 
the Institute, the Capitol, and the university. 
They are treated to betalking. 
There are a suburban mansion in the middle of a 
farm complex, sort of Palladian villa.

Ex: University of Charlottesville, transmits a series of virtues of democracy. At the top there is a rotunda, a sort of Pantheon, which is actually the library. There are large wings which are arranged a series of pavilions, covered.  They are all different to show the art history of the United States. There are elements of Corinthian typewith triangular pediment.

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