samedi 5 mai 2012

chrysler building new york

Building iconic art deco, 
it is famous for its 
top-shaped silversyringe. 
Its iconography exalts 
the automobile and America.

Allen is formed at the Ecole 
des Beaux-Arts in Paris. 

The building is343m tall, and was to be occupied by the administration.
Differentiates it from its peak skyscrapers that surround it.
This is a piece that draws attention, real competition on major 
construction projects. This is a brick construction on a steel 
structure. It occupies the entire island, and rises by an effect 
ofsuccessive withdrawals. Semicircles are announced by the 
last element of the elevation. The triangular shape is preferred 
by the Art Deco movement. Emphasize the verticality of the 
rafters,the momentum of the facade. Admission is trapezoidal 
black marble.We notice an appeal to simple geometric shapes. 
The tip of the triangle always indicates the height, 
the momentum, related to the car at speed.
 Inside, galleries systems intersect in a triangle. It hasa fresco 
by Edward Trumbwell, the ceiling.

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