samedi 26 mai 2012

Architectural Column History

In almost every culture 
throughout history, some 
variation of columns have 
been used. 
The most notable column 
styles come from the ancient 
Greeks and Romans.
These two civilizations have 
contributed some of the most 

exquisite column 
designs in architecture. Each specific design has a unique shape, style, and 
dimension.In 1562, an Italian Renaissance architect, Giacomo da Vignola, 
contributed to architectural history by documenting the exact proportions 
that each style of column should follow in order to be historically accurate 
and most visually appealing.Vignola’s book on classic Greek and Roman 
architecture was based on the works of Vitruvius, an early Roman engineer 
and architect, who recognized the difference in dimensions between each 
of the ancient columns.
Each style of column has a specific architectural order, or guideline, that it must
 follow to be consistent with historical designs.
The most famous Greek and Roman orders include the Greek Doric Order,
 Tuscan Order, Roman Doric Order, Ionic Order, and Corinthian Order.
Premier Wood Architectural Columns follow every specification for these 
ancient guidelines.
This allows for not only the highest quality wood manufacturing, but offers 
visually appealing look according to classic architectural standards

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