samedi 26 mai 2012

Greek Doric Column

Greek Doric Columns are 
some of the most unique 
columns in architectural history.
Found on the Parthenon, 
these classic columns were 
the first style used by Greek 

Distinguished by their shallow 
flutes that come to a point, 
Greek Doric are the only columns featured without a base.
To be historically accurate and follow Giacomo da Vignola’s 
architectural dimensions, the
height of the Greek Doric Column should be five and one-half
 times the diameter of its shaft. 
This total height includes the disk-like capital.
The Greek Doric Column may be ordered specifying Vignola’s 
architecturally correct dimensions, or in custom combinations 
of height and diameter. 
If in search of a simpler version, these columns are also available
 unfluted or non-tapered.

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