lundi 7 mai 2012

Mobile homes LOFTCUBE Berlin Germany

Although the idea 
of mobile homes, 
even structures 
that can be carried 
and placed by 

helicopter, is tar from new, 
Werner Aissinger has taken the concept ore step 
further by imagining his “Loftoubes” being located
in large numbers on urban rooftops, Describing these
 locations as “a treasure of sunny sites in prime urban 
spaces,” what could a minimal home unit look like “he 
asks” a temporary retreat, where urban nomads in big 
cites and dense urban zone could find privacy ?” 
A first experiment with these units was carried out at 
Berlin’s first design festival, “DesignMai” Berlin (May 
3 to 18,2003).where two “loftcube” prototypes (a ”living”
   version and “home office” version, teaturing real-life 
equipment, without connections to utilities.) were put in place. 

These prototypes were designed with honeycomb 
wooden modules with plastic laminate suitable for 
dismantling. 6,6 meters in width and length, the 
cubes are three meters high, and include 36 square 
meters of interior space made largely with material 
provided by DuPont, the Loftcubes in Berlin included furniture designed by Aissinger.

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