samedi 5 mai 2012

Frigoriferi Milanesi Area and Palazzo Del Ghiaccio

Frigoriferi Milanesesi 
overlooks via Piranesi 
through a bright-red, 
100 meters long 
(plug Building): the
 Open Care Café 

located in the basement, becomes the 
entrance to a different world that deal 
with the the themes of art and treasures. 

The project intends to transform Frigoriferi Palace 
(an ice factory built in 1899) and Ice Palace(1923). 

Into multi-purpose structures: the new distribution 
system is organized around a (throat-like) cavity 
containing the lifts. 
The underground Caveau is the most charming 
element of Frigoriferi Milancesi, suspended 
between the black vehicular rampes and the  
labyritnth of corridors and vaults.

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