samedi 5 mai 2012

American Colonial architecture

This was mainly Christopher Wren (architect of St. 
Paul's in London)that creates a styleResidential known today 
as theAmerican Colonial, he cona , ​​among others,the archi 
tecture ofmany homes of Williamsburg, Virginia. 
difices for public andlarge mansions, brick and stone mata 
taient the most commonly used materials, as we can judge 
of apra  sbuildings, restored , and Williamsburg those of 
Georgetown(Washington, DC), Boston, Phila delphia, and 
Providence, Rhode Island.
The most celebrated architect  ber of the United States, 
this  era, silent Peter Harrison who designed many of the 
difices to Newport, Rhode Island, including the Redwood 
Library,and the Brick Market the Touro Synagogue Street 
is the oldest synagogue in the United States. 
The best examples we possa Dions today that premiere  
the colonial period are theremains of Rensselaer in 
New York and the John Nicholas Brown,Providence, Rhode Island.

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