samedi 21 avril 2012

Canopea, Urban Ecosystem

The Team Rhone-Alps 
reveals his plans for 
the Solar Decathlon
Madrid 2012: Cubes. 
Its aim is to create a 
positive energy housing

adapted to climate and 
social fabric, the next 
challenge of 
sustainable construction.

The Solar Decathlon Europe, alternating with the American 
competition, is a competition around the theme of eco-construction.
Twenty teams from around the world, consisting of 
multidisciplinary students (building engineering, architecture, 
communication and innovation among others), should build an 
autonomous houserunning on solar energy.

The Team Rhone-Alpes, in partnership with stakeholders in 
construction industry and research, has already distinguished 
itselfat the Solar Decathlon in Madrid in 2010. 
They now extend their concept Armadillo Box, inspired by the 
armadillo, which is the animal symbol of this project habitat limiting
 energy consumption.

Competition for 2012, the project is called Cubes, and found, this 

time again, rooted in observation of nature, the canopy is the top 
floor of the forest, true ecosystem rich in biodiversity

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