vendredi 24 août 2012

The Exhibition Center of Sherbrooke canada

The mandate of the 
“Centre Delaware 
foires Delaware 

Sherbrooke” (Exhibition Center of Sherbrooke) 
conducted by CCM² – Côté Chabot mushroom 
Architects includes website analysis, the {planning|
the look} of the location plan and therefore the floor 
plans, the meter studies, the materials choice, 
the institution of the performance criterias and a
continuing support as a specialised external resource 
for the town of Sherbrooke till the entire realization 
of the project. The experience and qualifications 
of CCM² Architects ar well recognized within the 
community to hold out such comes. For many years, 
CCM² Architects have done many feasibleness studies, 
abstract works, analysis and construction of exhibitions 
centers in Quebec (Quebec town and town of Laval in 

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