vendredi 24 août 2012

datong art museum foster

The 32,000-square-metre 
venue is one in all four
 major new buildings 
inside Datong New 

City’s cultural plaza. 
Its centrepiece is that the Grand Gallery, a heroically scaled, top-lit exhibition house activity thirty seven metres high and spanning nearly eighty metres, during which artists are commissioned to make large-scale works of art.
Externally, the building’s kind is formed as AN erupted landscape. the complete deposit is washed-up into the bottom with solely the peaks of the roof visible at ground level. The roof is clad in earth-toned Corten steel, which is able to weather naturally over time. The building relates in scale to the 3 different cultural buildings within the cluster, equalisation the composition of the masterplan whereas increasing the interior volume of the Grand Gallery.

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