vendredi 24 août 2012

projet HA Tower in Tokyo

The angular distance 
tower proposes a
 hybrid model for 
urban life that embraces 
the town, actuation 
it within the heart 
of the units, whereas 
still providing massive 

open areas that 
otherwise area unit 
solely offered on 
the urban fringe. 
settled in Higashi-Azabu, among walking distance 
of a cluster of rail lines, Shiba Park, and therefore 
the painting Yedo Tower, the corner website is little,
covering solely a hundred thirty sq. meters and is 
forced by a floor space quantitative relation that 
limits construction to eight floors.

Creating a a lot of liveable urban assortment needs 
a definite quantity of expedience. during this case 
we tend to discovered the location had a most height
that may ne'er be reached just by stacking floors from 
the bottom up. however if we tend to force the floors 
apart and designed from the highest down it absolutely 
was clear that we tend to might produce massive 
outside areas that may extend the living space of 
the flats and build an area for residents to virtually 
sleep in the heights of the town. during this means 
we tend to area unit operating towards a assortment
 wherever the town doesn't stop at the exterior door 
however extends into and enlivens the house.

Taking this approach the modification in spacing 
between the units naturally creates a spread of 
unit varieties. On the lower levels a roof deck 
connects the living rooms on to the city; within 
the middle level an outsized balcony is sliced 
out beside a mezzanine space; and on the highest 
floors double height units cash in of the peak 
and views offered to them and are actually 
hospitable the sky.

8 story eight50 money supply residential tower with nine units
 in Minato ward, Tokyo
Structure : steel, concrete
Finish: glass panel, steel

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