vendredi 24 août 2012

New Taipei City Museum of Art

the design of the New 
national capital town 
deposit of Art is one 
that embodies this 
concept of erasure 

through eliminating
the normal borders
between exhibition area and circulation, 
similarly as exterior and interior. each a part of the deposit is 
diagrammatical by an area while not limits which will hold any 
sort of expression.
Put along, every area is a component of an oversized 
connected organism that expands and extends itself 
through the location, acting as a filter and transformation 
area between public and art.

A forest of columns, extending from the topography of 
the outside into the inside areas, acts because the device
 that delineates area, every program includes a specific
 uniform distance between every column. This creates 
a singular atmosphere throughout the deposit within which areas ar solely roughly outlined.

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