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Design philosophy of The Park in Riem

The design by French architect Gilles Vexlard won 
the first prize within the 1995 international design 

Despite the terribly individual and distinctive approach 
with its characteristic formal language, the look idea was 
terribly sensitive to the site’s conditions and its cultural 
andscape traditions.
The design was conjointly terribly persuasive in its details. 
The jury properly commented that: The work develops its 
formal characteristics out of the historic field boundaries 
and  also the prevailing wind directions. The formative 
frameworkof light oak and pine forests, as volumes 
structuring and directive house, is supplemented by smaller 
groves and slim plot hedges providing what 
Vexland referred to as ‘visual distance markers’. 
These components, in conjunction with the wide,sedgelike
 heath areas and meadows, provide a coherent ecological
 approach to the present space. the trail systems ar  overlaid 
onto this vegetal structure, the associate degreetithesis of an 
English landscape park, as associate degree freelance network.
A band of activity areas (sports areas, pocket parks) runs 
through  the new exhibition centre connecting the urban areas 
and also the wider landscape in associate degree aesthetic and 
practical approach.The newly-built landscape park is extremely 
spectacular.A piece of designed Munich  landscape has been 
created that seems somewhat new and apparently unused, 
nevertheless its expansive open areas convey a strong sense 
of freedom and also the want for fast movement. ‘Who is aware 
of however folks can move around in fifty years' time?’ 
This question was asked by Gilles Vexlard, whereas walking 
through the park,and it challenges United States to suppose.
The scale and also the relationship between one person and 300ha 
of house ar definitive for Vexlard. He describes the landscape 
park as a project between a ‘sprint and a marathon’.
In order to elucidate the park’s terribly systematically designed 
details, it's vital to gift the gradable layers of the park idea, as 
developed by Gilles Vexlard:
Topography---- Landscape and inexperienced structures
----- Pathways.

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