samedi 25 février 2012

architecture of Theatre Agora

Destined for pride of place 
slap bang in the centre of the 
Netherlands, this design for 
the new theatre in Lelystad

with its abundant sights, sounds and light is the essence of modern architecture and a key feature of the city’s new Masterplan.

Designed by Amsterdam-based UNStudio, the flexible and transparent design explores the integration
of theatre arts and new media. Its sculptured, multi-faceted form across its 5,890 square metres
functions as an icon for the city centre both day and night when the theatre reverberates to the sounds
of its main hall seating 750, its multi-functional hall seating 200, its theatre café and 300 square metre
congress hall for big events.
The team was keen that the building’s envelope composed an overlapping multi-faceted surface
which, because of perforations, creates a moiré pattern of overlaid grids representing a kaleidoscopic
effect. Internally the vertical foyer and its grand staircase are designed to carve through the centre of
the building’s volume, clearly delineating trajectories and orientation with the interconnecting theatres
and congress halls located on different floors while winding through the entire building.

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