mardi 10 juillet 2012

sub standard housing

Sub standard housing is housing that endangers 
the health of tenants and / or the neighborhood.
The two main factors are unhealthy:
• a frame and / or damaged equipment (moisture,
 fire hazards, faulty heating and risk of carbon 
monoxide poisoning, etc.).
• abnormal conditions of occupancy (misuse, 
overcrowding, renting a room no opening to the outside).

Substandard housing is assessed using a list 
of 29 criteria on hygiene and health, including:
• the total area of housing (housing less than 
9m2 and ceiling height is less than found unsafe 2m20)
• the state of buildings: cracked walls, stairs 
or unstable soils, high humidity
• sanitation (lack of potable water supply,
 hot water or siphon drainage, lack of shower 
and toilet separate from the kitchen and the main room)
• the electrical installation (if installation is substandard or does not)
• heating (if the facility does not allow sufficient heating)
• materials (asbestos or lead)
• the lack of openness to the outside

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